The Ongoing Attack on "Cash"

Governments are funny things.  While often pretending to “protect” citizens, they often supervise something much more sinister.  When folks aren’t looking, to cite the example of the Native Americans, they seize land shared by a community for tens of thousands of years.  Then they move out the first people and install new (and generally white) faces from European ancestry who are agreeable to developing the land in a certain way and comply with taxes on it.

The “disenfranchise one set of people” game looks to be playing out – at least for some Jews – in eastern Ukraine as well.

And that would be fine making headlines as it is (and rising resentment), except now there’s a global attack of a different sort underway.  Not in the headlines.  More subtle but potentially move devastating:  Under the guise of “fighting terror” government has now granted itself “regulatory authority” to track how you spend money.  All part of an invisible fight that the Mainstream Media isn’t talking about:  The attack on cash. 

This morning we dig into this a ways, after headlines and much future focus on aircraft carriers, charts, and coffee…

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