The Oceans of Mars

Our semi-monthly update on a “personal science project” to hack space-time.  This week, some interesting developments involving 22 lights near and Ark, sonoluminescence and standing waves of sound.  Oh yeah…and the Oceans of Mars.

It’s a bit longer than usual (6,500 words – before headlines and the chart discussion…).  But, it’s written so new readers will see the whole evolutionary trail from Light Crown experiments forward.

There’s even a side of woo-woo at the end.  Ultimately, as crazy as attempting the opening of portals in space-time may sound?

It could make more sense than investing in chaotic markets until the side drafts of politics and virus settle down a bit.

Remember: If the market goes down 20%, you have to make 25% just to break even.  Yes, asymmetric warfare is coming for your assets, if you let it.

Before we get into our unorthodox market views and check the “nutter in the woods Science Project” a lot of caffeine, headlines, and the grind of daily minutia to digest…

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