The "New WEH" [Web-Empowered-Human]

“A Training Routine for Digital Knowledge-Fishing” is our focus today. Originally, I sat down to write up my plans for a ideal survival computing platform….  But, suddenly, there was this whole way of becoming “Web-Empowered” that doesn’t seem to get much notice.

Moreover, it crosses a lot of “traditional societal views” in the process.  That is, it is based on multiple concepts that can be seen as “encroaching” on everything from religions, to schools, the government, to social mores…

It’s a new “project” for us – and one eminently suitable for hot weather when outside “physical work” is limited by heat.

A rundown in the form of a project outline, after the morning headlines, the ChartPack, and Podcast #24 which is available here.

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