The Nature of the Invention

June 1, 2013 — I’m sure that by now you’ve memorized my Seven Major Systems of Life (food, shelter, communications, transportation, energy, finance, and  environment) and you know that I have al least a passing acquaintance with  teoriya resheniya izobretatelskikh zadatch (TRIZ),  the Russian science of invention.  This morning we toss items in the blender to  come up with what may be the first in a series of Peoplenomics Notes: 20-Years  Out in which we will consider present trends, resource and economic realities  and try to project what that world will look like for the kids when 20-years  from now shows up on the alarm clock one of these mornings.  So…I’m pleased to  share a draft Provisional Patent Application for a new kind of Housing which I  expect will be here in 20-years, or less.  But, before we tickle the brain  cells, a few headlines to wash away the fog of Friday night…and the winds of  Oklahoma…

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