The Mueller Market?

Can we blame the 460-point Dow drop Friday on the end of a political election report?

Because of travel, we will have an exceptionally short report this morning.  Assisted by an ill-timed Microsoft update that stole an hour of work time.  But, not like we’re the first victims under that bus.

For those wondering, yes Blood Sweat and Tears at the Apache Casino here in Lawton, Oklahoma was a real nice show.  I thought the sound was a bit “busy” in the first couple of songs, but as they rolled along, it kept getting better right up to the end after a two-song encore.  (I resisted my inclination to offer a lecture on “overlayering” which is when nearly a dozen instruments light off at once.”  Better mix (FOH and BOH) is to sub-group and not exceed four “layers” or everything gets cacophonous…  Like I said, though, I know when to shut-up.

OK, a mish-mash and then back to bed.  Man needs his sleep…

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