The Money Comes from Someplace

Wherein we look at a nearly 800-point increase in the Dow and wonder “WTF?”  There was no driving news, the Fed will still meet and raise rates. The Davos crowd is still pressing for its Global Reset to scam World Government into being.  AND we still see gasoline prices rising this week.

While “down here on the farm” off-road diesel was $4.57 a gallon.  And we can walk to the oil pumps in the 600-acre reserve just across the street.

Of course, we knew something would soon “be up with energy” 9-months ago.  Because that’s when we started receiving unsolicited offers to buy a 15 acre parcel which is likely drillable.  We know from years past work that we have gas around 7,000 to 8,000 feet down and oil below that.

[We won’t go Beverly Hillbilly’s on you – we own surface rights only.  In Texas there’s a huge business in subsurface rights.]

But look, gas prices going UP should not drag the stock market up – at least on any rational planet.

So, after a few headlines, our ChartPack will ponder-as-we-go “Where’s the money coming from?”

Deerstalker hat and some Jamaican Blue at the ready?

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