The Migration of Work (2)

We tackle the second part of the recent “dream realms experience” this morning.  It’s very much spot-on when comes to matters “economics.”

That’s because deep-down, at the root of all human endeavors is the “key question” – what are we all doing here?  And as I think you’ll agree, when we look at the migration of work over millennial time-scales, something very useful comes into focus.

Beyond that?  Well, no podcast this morning – not enough time in the day for all things.

But, if it’s any consolation, that called Wednesday as a possible “Market Top” is looking not only interesting, but maybe a few bucks toward lunch on that one.

So, buckle up (and bean up) and off we go again…

Email Outage: Due to the DDoS attacks, the email is down but the gure(at) t account is working fine.  Vendor is working the problem.

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