The Knowledge Preservation Crisis

If you aren’t up to speed on corporate knowledge preservation. you may not be prepared for this weekend. That’s when, according to reports, Russia will be making many changes to its Internet.  And that means the whole information-space theater of war is about to be wiggled.  Could things break?

If you have already transitioned to a 100% digital life, this means you have only a couple of days to at least think-through some of your life support data systems (including backups) and figure a flashback and restore strategy.

All those zombie apocalypse movies?  Might they have been a metaphor?  Not people coming back from the dead.  But perhaps an entire Civilization worth of digital assets?

Which we’ll kick the tires on(with coffee) after we ponder the way forward and downward.  Second leg up of the present rally looms in the meantime.  Optimism is back, but for how long is the question as we still see many icy patches ahead.

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