The "Jack D. Future" Show

Occasionally, in order to get across our somewhat unorthodox views, we will resort to fiction. We have done this with great success in our tales of Directorate 153.  In that series, fiction gave us great forewarning and still offers insight into what’s errantly called the “Deep State.”

That premise has been simple:  Hidden, within the rural Virginia area west of D.C. yet adjacent to a seldom-used long runway, lays a hypothetical deep underground military base.  From here, a series of high tech tools, including recovered artificial intelligence systems and time-predictive technologies, map America’s future.  And cause there to be changes in how present-day events roll out.  Thus, in the spirit of “continuity of government” offer a more proactive hand on “the tiller of time.”  More so than the former basement levels of the Greenbrier.

This morning, a new “thinking tool” is unveiled.  Which I hope you will find as useful as I have in constructing it.

Which we will get to right after a few headlines, and of course, an update on how the market outlook is doing headed into the post-Trump world.

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