The “High-Photon Diet” (Part 2)

Binary beats of a light/lambda sort as Bonghan-ducts is our topic of focus today.  Sure, we’ll do the basics of the charts and headlines (full moon, lunation, and lunacy in general).

But the Bonghan (or more properly bong han ducts, may be thought of as the human bodies equivalent to “light pipes.  Except that’s where some claim to have sighted the sanal – which in Chinese translates as “live egg” and this whole study of bong-han ducts arose from 1962 in (of all places), North Korea.  [Maybe there is “balance” in Universe after all?]

Recently, it has been renamed the  primo vascular system. [PVS] Found not only in the skin and along.,..wait!  We’re only giving too much away in the preview here.

After a few EOTW (End of the World) headlines and proof that social media is a disease vector for temporary insanity, and the ChartPack, we’ll kick around why lighting up the bong-han‘s may be a good reason for our Photon-Diet to work.

No podcast today. It’s summer and I need the extra time in the cool hours this morning to get a lot of things done around here. The “hot hours” have been going into research.

We may have some tropical storm residue come through Sunday or Monday. And that means a bit busier than  usual. 

There are  seven fifty-pound bags of compost and a bag of chicken scratch plus a 175-pounds tractor tire to be mounted; all before breakfast.  Not things you want to do when temps climb over 100 as they may as the weekend rolls on.  To the data, then!

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