The “High-Photon Diet” (part 1)

As the darkness of society’s digitally-induced psychological break rolls over the world, we pause with some “new science ideas.”  After all, we can’t rewrite history (unless you’re a socialist Venezuela or Cuba “success story” believer, and our readerrs aren’t that stupid…).

Being natural-born optimists, we choose to ignore the insurrection propaganda and focus, instead, on the positive. And fresh ADP jobs data.

More interestingly: Is there a chance we can use emerging information in the field of biophotonics to improve ourselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually?

The data seems to say “Yes!” and rather loudly.

Which we will jump into after we do a  Crazy Check *(headlines) and update our ChartPack series.

One we’ve done those, we’ll look at The High-Photon Diet.

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