The Greater Worry than Gold Confiscation

imageHold or Fold on Gold  Confiscation Ahead? It’s the fourth chapter in our Second Depression Handbook that we’re writing for subscribers on-the-fly deals with confiscation odds and that means we will be taking a look at the events of 1930-1934.  This was the period that included the calling of both gold and silver in the Great Depression.  Some interesting clues are there for the taking.

We will review some important historical information and provide important background on what was going on in the handling of the nation’s money back then.

More importantly, we can then project what all this could mean for modern day investors as we try to out-wit Washington’s klepto-class when comes to moving assets from today into a very uncertain future in the 2017-2020 timeframe.

Plus there’s our ongoing ChartPack series which is also beginning to flash an important sign about the period just ahead.  Toss in some headlines to keep current, too.

This morning’s report is interesting enough that you might want to roll with decaf.

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