The Global Depression of 2021?

This morning we make a steely-eyed assessment of a global move many Americans are missing:  A new wave down of our Global Index is screaming that what we went through with the January and March wash-outs could be just foreplay.

There are a number of tools we apply to come to this notion.  Not the least of which is our Peoplenomics “Brain-Amp” spreadsheet.  This handy thinking-tool – that can be downloaded from the Master Index page.  It allows you to put in the measurements of the A (or wave 1) Up or Down.  It will then offer ideas as to where the Wave B (or 2) retracement should fall, make an estimate of C (or 3), toss out another retracement idea (4), and then offer a better-than-wild guess at how far off the top is, or if a declining wave like we’re in now, how far down the bottom might be.

A few headlines first, but coffee and a note pad is recommended when we get into the discussion today since the biggest impacting event in the USA may be the rest of the world pulling us down with ’em.

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