The “Get Home” Plan

Nuclear war was – for a couple of decades – back in the “unthinkable pile. Something that you’d heard about, maybe, but certainly not something a person in their right mind would actually plan on.

Yet here we are.  The television shows are starting.  Amazon’s series Fallout is rolling and doing OK in the ratings.

This concerns us greatly. Because we have seen too many times where “media leads Reality.”

Take, for example, the series of Robin Cook novels.  In 1996, there was “Contagion.”  Cook, who’s an exceptional “medical thriller” author was still going strong with many books including “Pandemic” which came out in 2018 – two years before lockdowns.

The “launchpad” for Cook was his 1988 book “Outbreak.” It should go without saying that anyone concerned with the Future might be well-advised to look up now and then, survey the media landscape around them and ask “Have we passed One Point Safe? Will the next minute bring us to “One Second After“? Or, are we just expressing the Sum of all Fears?

This is a particularly worrying construction – one we would normally hold behind our subscriber pay wall. But there’s a pattern to be seen here. In the 2030 aftermess, will people look back on the Prime video Fallout, as well?

The two pattern elements are the arrival of the Cook series of medical thrillers and the whole genre of bio-pics that followed.  Ultimately was expressed by the GMV (global mass consciousness) as COVID.  The other is to consider the media evolution (and inculcation of the GMC by the nuclear genre. Do we write our fears and then live them?

Answer that and you’d be in a great position to time your “Snagglepuss the Cat” moment when it’s time to “Exit, Stage Left…

Which leads us to this morning’s report.  How do responsible adults (go ahead, pretend, anyway!) tell our Big City children “It’s time to get the hell out of Dodge and head for the hills?”

Ure family internal planning docs for breakfast, it is.

This is also Bank Settlement Day – of which there are two per month. It would be a dandy time for a financial turn, as you will see in this morning’s ChartPack.

Revved and ready, then?

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