"The Enterprise" and the MMMR Problem

I assume you know, if you’re web-literate, that the Enterprise is what the runaway group that pulls the strings of governments all over the world calls itself now and then.  If you’re not aware of the group, a simple Google of the Black Eagle Fund Trust that has been swirling away in background should be enough of a clue to at least get you started on the path of discovering for yourself just how far reality has strayed from the “way things used to be.” But other than confirm that “absolute power corrupts, absolutely” – which we all kinda knew anyway – the trail we’re on today has more to do with whether systemic corruption is part and parcel of how great civilizations end; management of multiple matrix realities (MMMR) reaching simultaneous dysfunction.  Heady stuff, and with 100+ pages of recommended reading as background, the stop at the coffee pot this morning will be a short one…  Just think of this as a quickie course in stratification of conflicting economic realities resulting in conflict.  Oh, and we’ll table an initial answer to the question “How far is down for this market?

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