The Coming Global Bail-Ins

Yep.  Not before the elections, though.   Just waiting for Obama II (Hillary) to make it into office and then all signs point to a meltdown in early 2w016 because the Fed won’t have any choice but to raise rates – which will blow up the national debt,  or they will stand par and the world will collapse into Depression II that way.

In either event, we’re screwed.  Sure, paid up real estate that can grow food is the real answer…one we’ve been walking the talk on for a long time.  But wow…here it comes.

So this morning we go into why gold and silver will go down first…long before sound money becomes vogue and we look at some of the ways the bail-in processes could work.

Oh…and there are no effective hiding places for the middle class.  Check with Soviet era pensioners if you doubt me.

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