The Case for Europe’s Coming Currency Collapse

There’s been some talk about Europe’s currency (the Euro) coming to parity with the U.S. dollar.  This morning, we’re going to prepare by taking that data a bit farther, along with some other deflationary indicators, and see if there’s not a bit of opportunity for us “wannabe world traveler” types.

Meantime, the monumental egomaniacs of EU banking have been called out in demonstrations against their $1.4 billion Euro offices in Frankfurt.  And you wonder by the EU has been dropping?  No EUkraine sweep and now this….tisk, tisk.

After we’re done with the data review, it won’t be time to pack, but it does lead to some interesting possibilities for late this year into perhaps 2017-2018.

First, though, a look at our Trading Model and why it says the Fed can talk tough all it wants, but the pressure is on them now to keep rates low, become even more accommodating, as the world’s currencies slip into “push on a wet noodle” mode, common to all deflationary spiral economic environments toward the end.

Pour more coffee, Mr. Cheerful is here…

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