The Canals of Earth (and Mars) II

Who needs Russia and Ukraine when drought is coming and famine is in the wings?  As so often happens, our political tools in office are trying to fix the barn after it’s on fire and the horses are gone.

The world needs water – because without it, kiss off crops and light the fuse of survival. Most people in America how much water they need even minimally per day (1.5 gallons for reasonable hydration, more if exercising) and how to get it locally when the power is down and services are shut down from hackers, EMP, of direction action by all those military-aged males sneaking in unopposed by the derelict president’s actions.

Time to “get real or get dead” in our thinking. While government focuses on “continuity of government” in their self-centered way, our reality is more along the lines of Continuity of Life for all citizens, not the pocket-lining few.

Oh, this is not a whine today.

Rather it’s a simple discussion of the longer-term avoidance plan if Drought turns into a city-emptying event for little bergs out west like Las Vegas, Denver, Los Angeles, and Phoenix.

But – unlike the nonsense of the Witch Trials over Trump, or the too-cozy Biden relations with Ukraine and China, there are specific, concrete, measurable, long-term actions the U.S. could be implementing right now.  These could make up the core of what we would really like to see: A retooling of America as Depression sinks in during 2023-2025.  The mother of all public works projects lies ahead.

Remember:  The Great Depression wasn’t even called that until an economics book used the term in 1934.  This informs us that we might already be IN a Depression and not even realize it – YET.

Rather than complain, we explore some major American canal building public works projects that will reform America for centuries to come.  Much like China has reinvented itself.  And in the process become a much more robust and sustainable country, overtaking the U.S.

After a few headlines and our ChartPack, of course.

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