The Biggest Discovery of Our Lifetime?

What would qualify for the term “brain quake?”  That’s a term that could describe what could happen if science (quite by accident) tripped over a discovery that could justify a whole new brand of Life.   Up until now, we’ve been a world full of “converters.”  Not very efficient ones at that; we eat food, convert it to the proteins and sugars we need and blithely assume that’s how all Life works.

Except, it ain’t.

A huge discovery this week has started a real brain quake.  And, as I’ll explain, this one could ripple beyond anyone’s imagination.

First, though, our usual Saturday morning repast:  Coffee, headlines, and say, that Trading Model of ours has kept us coming up green once again…But then we’ll get into e-bacs and the world will then start to look particularly weird….

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