The Bankster’s Plan to “Correct the Value of Cash”

imageAre you ready for “Variable Value Cash?”

Bad idea?  NSS!

An incredibly interesting report this morning because it is a topic that we first covered in 2001 – before 9/11.  It was theory then, but a retool version is making the rounds now.

This was back before we got around to naming our introspective reports Peoplenomics.  In the earliest days, still living on our sailboat, it was the UrbanSurvival Inside Report series.  It was still $40-bucks and one of the best deals in keeping ahead-of-the-curve, even then.

But the content was the same as now philosophically.  It was a look-ahead tool so we could all assess, model, and then live best with whatever came along  in the way of financial schemes.

One of the ideas we explored  back in 2001 was the whole notion of “re-charging money.”  And it seems that a variation of that is now making the rounds in the central banker circles.
When things like this come along, it is sometimes shocking what the implications are.  Not the least of which is being 15-YEARS ahead of acceptable economic thought..

But here’s the IMF and here’s this paper on Variable Value Cash.  When the SHTF, what do the bankers want?  Ever more power to diddle with the system!  Grab the Astoglide and read on…

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