"The 100-Year Toaster" (Ch. 8)

Energy is the ‘new money.’ If you went looking for a ‘new kind of magic’ it would be hard to beat energy.  Almost doesn’t matter where it comes from, either.

You see, when  you invest in “energy” you are investing in a physical good that can make fertilizer, drive cars, power boasts and planes and a whole lot more of that boring daily stuff called ‘life.’  As such, it makes a hell of a lot more sense that investing in a ‘secret number’ with limited fungibility now and absolutely worthless without a grid being up and networks that function.

Energy can ensure water is pumped and available.  Even keep reverse-osmosis plants going as they extract fresh from saltwater.  It can put food on the table, gives rise to industry plus much more.

The problem is we are not keeping up with the raw economics of this ‘new money’ in a sustainable fashion.  So when the musical chairs music ends, millions may have nowhere to sit, let alone eat.  Can’s sayt we haven’t mentioned it, though.

Our quest for quality in our future continues today along this track after we power through some headlines and run through our usual electrifying charts…

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