“The 100-Year Toaster” (Ch.5 of book)

Survivors can’t rule out famine. Although what will really happen in the long-term is out of everyone’s reach, if we are to transition out of a less monetized existence, there will be widespread social risk.  One of the largest of these is “food risk.”

Not just the risks with a pesticide lawsuit, nor the idea of “terminator seeds” being weaponized, or with tariffs on food items (esp from Mexico) – or over-slowing the labor sources needed for production and harvest.

The problem is most complicated and we are probably less prepared for a breakdown of the food supply than at any point in recent history.  Remember, the Great Depression was also called “The Hungry Years” in America.

For your reading list:  The Hungry Years: A Narrative History of the Great Depression in America.

Today, we look at how monetization has screwed up the future of food and strategies to take-back some personal control.  After headlines and a few charts along the way…

Then, at the end of the report, some “woo-woo” detective work…

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