"The 100-Year Toaster" (Ch. 4)

Lies about Money and Labor.  There are a couple of axioms that we roll through not to mention the various kinds of “money” out there.  World does great at optimizing senseless digits.  But average work-hours to live numbers?  Forgetaboutit!

Our current fave is pseudo-money – the made-up diggery digital spunk.  Which, if you argue the point means you don’t know the carbon footprint of bit-mining. Rape resource to make-up hash codes?  AYSM?  That  makes crypto-fallacies the most environmentally damaging industrial waste (with the least return) ever invented by mankind.

A few headlines before going full-spleen today, but eventually we made the ultimate “Environmentalist Observation:”  The whole world has gone wild resource-stripping because we are optimizing “money” (and digits) instead of “minimizing labor.”  Stupid choice, ain’t it?  But we are a what kind of society?  Anti-smart.

(Which may explain why we are all busting-butt for 90-hours a week just to break-even.  Not our fault, except for the part where we fail to challenge the crooked business model imprinted on us from birth.  As we shall elucidate upon momentarily…

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