"The 100-Year Toaster" (Ch.11)

Value Propositions and Economic Models today. Because we need to start at the very beginning of a product’s life-cycle if we’re to resolve the now-appearing conflict between economic efficiency on the one hand, and environmental efficiency on the other.

Because once you see the inherent conflict, we may be able to outline a new kind of “global econometric model” which might lead the entire planet (after a bumpy transition period) to a new sort of “economy” where there’s harmony between “economics” and “environmental constraints.”

Unless we get this figured-out soon, the entire world will continue riding “deeper and deeper into the Box Canyon” or disaster where slaughter of all things will take place.  From the Great Barrier Reef right down to the 3-year old child next door.

We know we need to change our thinking…but as always, that’s a product of habit and the how to change US stops us cold.

So, into that in greater detail after a few headlines and our morning view of the ChartPack for this holiday-foreshortened week…

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