Thanksgiving Flash-Bang

img722This morning we go a-futuring…a futuring we go…

And who is this somewhat obscured fellow off to the right there?  (Unless you’re dyslexic, of course, in which case that’d be your left.) 

Why it’s none other than Lemony Snicket!

And…what’s this?  A big speed bump in the road during the Thanksgiving recess of Congress! 

How, pray tell, does all this fit into Long Wave Economics?

This morning we will examine one possible future that answers these and a lot more questions.  One that fits market wave counts, defense deliveries, and no one home in Washington.

But first, as few glimmers of hope, since we are now in the throes of sneaking up on the new high which usually happens in summer rallies in just a few short weeks.

After the Trading Model and some discussion or headlines.

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