Texting to Decline

Simplified communication reflects a tribe of simpletons is our origin point this morning.  Because – importantly – big thoughts with important nuances may not be easily abbreviated.

The urge to abbreviate is driven by multiple factors, too:  time, laziness, and “normed down convention.”  Thing is, the “idea simplification business” carries many hidden risks.  Not the least of which is a society making mistakes as three-word (and syllable)  positioning statements used as names are often nothing more than jingoism intended for  mass victimization.

Not a particularly long piece – this being the weekend, and all.  But given that small thoughts fit small minds and small abbreviations are deceiving, it’s worth some study.  Because how we process information directly impacts judgment.  And this, in turn, pushes our bottom line around.

After a few headlines, a look ahead, and the ChartPack.

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