Testimony of Product Tester 1078

Sometimes, it’s hard to write directly about “what the data says.”  Because, many times, people will not accept ‘raw data.’ Our socialization programs us to think a certain way.  It’s hard to “bug out” of the dominant social paradigm.

Occasionally, though, bugouts happen – not due to any special onboard biasing. It can arise because not everyone is “equally awake” on this trip called life. Regardless of parenting and society pressure to conform.

That’s why people – like fish – school up, you see.  They auto-seek “fish” like themselves.  It’s a good thing – and bad.  Good because it makes for a degree of cohesion in politics and religion, for example.  Bad because schooling up – by its very nature – is not “new idea-friendly.”

Interestingly, after my ER visit last week, a strong vivid dream experience giving a much larger than expected perspective on Life and Death (and in turn, investing) wandered through my existence.  Yes, something of a woo-woo event.

While I’ll tell it in the form of fiction, it nevertheless is worth considering going forward. Since we all die, think of it as another useful “compiler run” of what the waking-state data around us points toward.

The “harder data first” though:  Our ChartPack today is profoundly interesting.  So is that fartstorm of “who has gas” stories in Europe.  A few headlines and economic data that’s sure to light up some neurons.

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