Terrible Tactical Troubles

imageA report very much geared to the immensely important problem of where to park your retained earnings is on tap this morning.

While that would have been an easy question for us to answer back in 2003 when our Simple Strategy was to buy gold at $275 and put an equal amount of dough into U.S. Savings Bonds, the problems in today’s world are incredibly more complex.  At some points, rates will bottom and head up again.

More importantly, though, is that the whole matter of politics is in the process of blowing-over the existing ruling paradigm.  With a simple suggestion that we close immigration from Muslim countries until we can get some confidence in a vetting system, Donald Trump has again out-foxed all the other candidates by making himself the only one talking atthe gut-level that American workers understand. 

So coffee up… miles to cover and it’s as muddy a minefield as we’ve ever seen, especially given the Tuesday market action and next week’s pending Fed decision; the one we already are questioning as possibly being off the table because it may be too late…

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