Templates, Boundaries, and Logical Limits

Thanks to a subscriber in Nebraska, and a call from my consigliore Monday, we have some important new concepts that are percolating around under the surface of economic discussions.

As you know, I hold that doom-sayers are often incorrect.  While it is tempting to listen to them, it is often disastrous, as well, when comes to preserving one’s lifestyle, financial assets, and happiness.

At the same time, however, embracing the future must be done carefully, as well, because if BitCoin is any model, the dangerous of excess optimism is what leads to buying BitBubbles much as it led to buying tulips back in 1634.

So what are the thinking tools that can help us to avoid such pitfalls?  This morning we discuss three.

After – that is – we get a daily dose of headlines and considers our Charts and Trading Model.  Accompanied by coffee and toast.

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