Telluric Energy Prospecting

Lab notes today on some of our “further-out” thinking. Including oddities like the study of local earth currents and “earth batteries.”  Where does over-unity fit?

While there has been “buzz” around the internet for years about  coming “new electrics” with much energy (and hype) focused on things like the over-unity motor quest, I think there may be lower-hanging fruit in other areas of science.  Worth this morning’s cup of coffee.

Then again, so are hot issues like Brexit and what may be retribution to follow.  Plus there’s the matter of how bad will crop yields be this year and more.

More important than our low-probability of breakthrough research, though, We’ll explore the process of asking “Right Questions” and “instrumentation,”  Coupled with a unabashed willingness to “fish in strange new waters,” there may be hope for humans, yet.

“Anchors away!” We go fishing today for “free energy” after analyzing some news and do some serious chart-gazing…

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