Target Year Life Planning

As COVID-19 sloshes around, we suggest some serious movie-watching as a tonic.  Not that we’re not fans of high drama or spaghetti westerns…it’s period information we’re after.  Because out present-day period is going away.  Which year we “land in” will matter.

“Duh movies” seems like an easy way to pick up a lot of historical “knowingness” which seems like anything but a waste of time…everyone’s gotta have their motivation, so our eyes will be on the bit players.

More to the point, we also ask is MTM?  Is: “Media The Message?”.

Around here, if you don’t already see the parallel to “12-Monkeys” or see our addiction to “thingness” (as my UPS driver explained) as a mirror of the addiction problems in the movie “28-Days” you’re not paying attention.

Not a flick-fan?  OK, then to the radio…

Why, it’s Baltimora!!! Once famously recorded, how we could all be Living in the Background”.  But, relief is ahead…

“I’ve come out of hiding by and by

(Been all alone)

Cause I’ve been immobilized for so long

(On my own)

Slowly emerging from the dark

(It’s just day by night)

I feel like I’ve wasted so much time 

I’ve been living in the background….”

After the updated forecast, and some hints of relief in the data, a look at the ChartPack, and some comments on topping off supplies, we’ll consider “movies as keys to our future…”  You tracking, Pilgrim?

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