Taking Out America: A FICTIONAL Short Story

April 10, 2013 — Sometimes it can be very entertaining – not to mention  sharpening of the mind – to write a fictional account of the future since it  puts things into perspective which otherwise might be dismissed by logical  mind.  Too easy, many times, to dismiss a good – and credible – scenario simply  because the mind creates logical objections that are tantamount to saying  “They’d never do that!”  Examples may be found as near as Pearl Harbor, or at  site of the Twin Towers which, we recall, had already been hit previously in a  terrorist attempt.  But before we “Go Clancy” on you, the usual sober looking at  the morning’s news and the very much inebriated markets which were hitting the  rocket fuel to an extent that has to make North Korea envious.  But as we all  sadly reminded, space is not the final frontier yet: dirt is.

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