Sustainable–At the End of the World

No hype and no BS:  If the lights went out today, How long would you live?  I know, summer weekend and it’s not so bad, provided you don’t live down by the Gulf with Barry rolling in.

If there’s one semi-regular pattern to highly successful people, it is this:  They do the most difficult things first Around here, thinking the unthinkable is top of the list.  After you get through those items, the rest of life is easy-peasy.

So, let’s be very serious today and talk about some actuarial realities.  If the crap really hit the fan, how long would you last?  I mean stop everything, drop your pencil.  Look up right now.  What you see is all you have to work with and the power is off and the water no longer runs.

Have you got a 5-year plan for recovery that doesn’t depend on someone else getting the power back on, or your computer back online?  How do you slake that thirst?  Got even a one-week plan that doesn’t involving moving more than 1,000 feet?

Those are the kind of “toughies” we will be getting into after a few headlines and the ChartPack which shows how the markets now seem intent on either reprising The Fifth Dimension song or events from May to September 3 of 1929.

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