Surveying the Road to Riches for 2015

img400What does an FA-18 Hornet going transonic just before busting up over Mach 1 have to do with why Ford brands a car as its “Mach One” and how does this fall figure into the price of oil and where to make the next smart investment?

It’s all in how you “grid the world.”  It’s something we all do, but it’s not something often articulated because it all goes back to parenting, schooling, jobs, and the bouncing around through life.

But ultimately, how well you do on the financial side of the house is decided by two simple concepts:  How you think and its next door neighbor what you think about most.  And then it all distills down to what you do about it.

By the time we’re done, I believe you’ll be convinced that 2015 holds immense opportunity.  Not only that, but I’ll let you in the method I am following in order to “find the next Microsoft.”  It’ll be some intellectual hopscotch, but believe me when I tell you, we have some clues where to look.

With the holidays here, we can get somewhat philosophical here and show you a method of thinking about the future that may help you on your path to wealth and riches.

After coffee and our Trading Model.

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