Surfing the Global Threat Board

Several years back, the idea occurred to me that we’d be well-advised to develop a Global Threat Board.  That was partially in response to talk of a global coastal event, and lots of other “buzz on the ‘net.”

What we were after was a simplified way to keep track of threats of all kinds, score them, and rank them in terms of what we could about them in advance. Ounce of prevention sort of thing.

This weekend, while we wait to see who else has figured out that the Swiss may be setting up a global financial crisis (more on this a sec) we will update the threats and figure out what’s really worth worrying about.

And to the snappy-thinking reader who said “At age 66, your worries aren’t so much about Russia or Global Warming…it’s the calendar…”  I humbly disagree:  122/76 with a resting pulse of 58…yes, these other things promise to matter.

With coffee in hand (low octane, of course), several celery seed extract pills, some blueberry extract and a great multi-vit and let’s see whether we should worry about the Grim Reaper…or Grim Reality more...

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