Super-Prepper Alert: Could the US Population Be Controlled?

Say, here’s a wild-eyed thing to consider if you’re a prepper:  Can the US Population be controlled?  Not that it’s impertinent, since we have had demonstrations in places like Ferguson and more recently, New York, Dallas, and elsewhere.

So to what degree can the civilian population be controlled?  It’s an important question to investors to keep up on, since how people feel has everything to do with who feels enough confidence in the future to put some money behind it in the way of investments.

Before we get into the details, though, our usual first stops will include a few news stories that being to sketch out something I’m calling the “Workberg”.  Remember, last time we stood on the bring of America The Titanic, we coined the word “Debtberg” which, as projected, rolled over and caused the Housing Bubble to collapse.

Now we have this Workberg in sight, just two points off the starboard bow, and we may not be able to put the helm over in time to stop it.  As we get closer, we will get back to our abandon ship exercises.  For this morning, there’s always time for more coffee and some sightings on the berg…

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