Successful Geezerhood

Part 1 this morning of a look-ahead for young people.  Old age is going to creep up on the old-timers on this.  That means the earlier you have a “game plan” for your senior years, the more likely you will be to “win.”

There’s a balance between lifestyle when you’re young and what kind of lifestyle you want to enjoy in the “golden years.”

Before we get into it – and begin to apply some basic “gap analysis” to the problem, let’s roll through some headlines.

After that, we will stare (mouth-agape and perhaps drooling) at our ChartPack of stock prices.  Which have risen to absolutely insane levels.

Seriously!  I mean think about it:  Companies are not hitting revenue targets, almost 9% fewer people are working, bankruptcies are rising…

Despite the facts on the table (even without second wave CV fears and election pandering) what was it we said?

Oh yeah…”No more money for U until after the election…” 

It’s like Investors are buying stock in a banana republic, we suspise.

Exsqueeze me?  Is the world flipping nuts?

Bean up and click-ahead, brothers and sisters:  Yes, the world IS nuts but we’re going on the “back-lot tour.”

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