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People will occasionally ask "How is Peoplenomics different from the free 4-times weekly UrbanSurvival site?" Easy! Much of what is contained in Peoplenomics isn't covered on the free site, or if it is, it's on a long-delayed basis.


Given that the sky is falling, what should we have in our 'sky-is-falling kit? Can we make money on falling skies?" In contrast, the free site will simply suggest that "This afternoon around 3:00 PM, you may wish to look at the sky which looks shaky..."


Recent articles include the coming high cost of protein, and how a stock market can crash, an exploration of whether living on a boat is a viable low-income housing option, and how barter systems may look in the future. Readers knew we moved into gold in 2001, farm/ag land in 2002, and silver in 2005. How many others got those moves right?


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Dyill not convinced? OK, here's the chart your broker and financial advisors don't want you thinking about: The Second Depression has been underway since 2001!  Worse?  It will continue until 2016-2018!




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