Strategy, Tactics, Words, and Laws

A fair bit on  the plate this morning.  In the Strategy area, we continue our discussion of three books that may provide a useful “look-ahead” reference series for the coming period of history.

Under Tactics we take on the task of trading what may be one more small decline before the market heads up – if indeed that’s what’s in the cards.  Use the “brainamp.xls” spreadsheet on the Master Index page to play along. It’s a locked spreadsheet but the password is there, too.

On “words” a couple of news stories this morning have me appalled with the state of reportorial disrepair in ‘Merica.

And last, but not least, a short discussion of “Where has a Nation of Laws” gone?

A Thermos with 25 ounces of wake-up juice at the ready and a raging thunderstorm outside, what could be better on a stormy Wednesday morning?

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