Staying Fed in the Second Depression

imageTime for the 5th chapter of our “Second Depression Handbook” to roll out.

We bounce this morning into the 5th chapter of our planning book on the Second Depression.  I still hold to the notion that we are not yet in a position to have the kind of down-and-out grinder of an economic catastrophe that Depressions are.

Simple:  There is still too much government can do to avoid the issue.  But roll forward a couple of years, out in the 2017 to 2018 period, toss in a new and failing administration, a return of the California drought, and increase in trade warfare, and massive population displacements due to too many people and not enough jobs…well, now we’re getting somewhere.

So we sit back this morning still hoping we have a couple of more years to run…which would be nice because this would not be a good weekend for the world to end…

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