Standing by the the Fed Decision

With eye surgery tomorrow, wearing a baseball cap to control light, squinting a bunch and instilling eye drops prior to surgery, we are sticking with our core this morning:  Long wave prospects for the economy and our personal incomes.

Years back, we evolved a strange view of fractured markets that comes down to this simple idea:  While investing in the Dow might have made sense in a time when there were arguably only about 100 big companies in America that made sense and could be averages, in modern times – and with thousands of companies in each of dozens of countries, average analysts can be led woefully astray by single market myopia. 

With the Fed decision due out this afternoon, we will focus a bit this morning on the Personality of various market stages and ask aloud where we might be now.

After a headline or two, of course.  Starting with where the “ayes” had it in sillytics.

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