Speed’s What Ails Us

This follows our recent take on William S. Lind’s  book Retroculture.  After some thought, much of what advocates of “the old days” are after really comes down to mainly one thing:  Speed.

Gone, for example, are times when people strove for individual breakthrough insights. Regardless of time spent getting there. In that style’s place has come group problem solving.  Going missing in it all?  Time to just “think about things.”

So this morning with a “break point” in the cultural paradigm at hand on Tuesday – that we fear will be marked by incredible stress and acting-out – we’ll consider the genuine benefits of just slowing the hell down.

First, though:  A little campaign dirt and a look at some charts that – in our view – foretell of a dangerous decline as socialist economics threaten America in 2021.  Why, toss in the drought and some more hurricane?

Maybe we won’t repeat the “Dust Bowl.”  Instead, could be swirling Tech Trash to be followed by the Famine Festival

So on to…

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