Soft-Start to a Hard Depressioni?

Think it’s been hard with the market decline, so far?  Brace yourself.  It could be getting a lot worse in short-order.

This morning we focus on concrete actions you can take to reinforce your future, if all of our charts, particularly the 1929 replay chart, haven’t gotten your attention, yet.

First up, a critical look at some of our forecast calls, and a look at possible turning points ahead.

After that, we’ll get into the  planning that even now can be done.  And it might keep you housed and fed if things go the way they could.

For the data doesn’t care about blame and party, anymore than the tide does.

Podcast #16 is up – runs about 35-minutes, or so and we talk about what to expect in next month’s unemployment data and a bit on the history of Bitcoin…

What matters is who are “the quick and the dead.”

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