Social Security Contingencies

Although 2034 seems a long ways off, not too early to be rethinking Social Security plans.  It’s due to run out of assets during our lifetime.  2034 is when the Trust Fund part runs out.  Assuming we get lucky for 13-more years!

Actually, we doubt it will be that long.  Because Covid 19 and the dollar’s falling status as the global reserve currency all comes into play.  So does a Fed describing property we labeled “temporal diodes” from years ago.

Because a lot of readers are just now “getting their groove on again” after the holiday, we’re keeping this morning’s report very concise.

Also a lot of interest in our ChartPack section this morning, as well.  Because the market sell-off yesterday sets up an interesting “technical situation” we’ll explore a bit.

So bean up, buckle up, and clean the specs…we’re off to learn Socialist Calculus with a side of financial reality.

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