So: Ure on Vacation, huh?

Yes….and no.  And not quite.

We will still cut through a couple of news items, and we’ll update our trusty (so far) Trading Model, but then we drift out of our super-serious economics to ponder what it’s like getting ready to actually live in a different city for an extended period of time.

Once upon a time I knew what to pack:  Two suits and a credit card or three…good to go for however long.

But today I’m stumped:  Do I go like EMP could arrive unexpectedly?  Is Ebola going to get loose?  How do we get back to the ranch in a total breakdown of the economy?  Like famine or drought are here to stay?

Thursday morning we’ll push back about 7 AM, leaving Panama armed to the teeth (the cats are lousy shots) to fend for the place as we head out on another one of our “Half Around America” tours.  Today we’ll discuss the important stuff like  “The Ure’s Casino Highway...” and a comparison of direct booking versus the “convenience” of doing everything online…betcha can’t guess how that worked out…

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