Slow-Speed Social Collapse (1)

Faster than Rome, Slower than Venezuela.  Maybe.  A 20-year colleague in the study of long wave economics has been corresponding with me as we continue to consider how what has been ‘marketed’ as anti-fragile complex society may in fact just be a society unfamiliar with the nature of non-linear systems.

Don’t worry; we won’t be tossing around terms for you to graph, although Northwestern University’s open textbook discussion of Placewise linear approximations may lead you in some interesting directions.

Instead, we will use our ‘truth templates’ from our Substitution Method of Learning (SML) to show you how some moderate-to-advance aircraft acrobatics (aerobatics, since I used to fly one) will teach you more about real-world economics than any collection of loud-mouth socialists who have never created value for a living; instead spending their time on OPM/TM (other people’s money/tax money).

A few headlines, the weekly ChartPack and then we’re ready for a take-off into the future of slow-motion (initially) social collapse.  Cheery stuff, huh?

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