Side-Hustles for Seniors

Not enough on your plate to worry you? Time to become a “Seniorpreneur!”  Today we take up some very uncomfortable forward-thinking about what may lie ahead for America’s aging grays.  (Two of which we is.)

Beyond just lining-out the problem, though, we have some ideas for how to cope with hard times that you can start laying the groundwork for, right now.

We’ll run through some of the pressures that are just starting to build  on Social Security and then a couple of future scenarios as to how Collapse makes its appearance.

First however, as always, a few news stories to kick-over the brain cells a bit.  And our chart of the ongoing “replay of 1929” continues to both fascinate and reward those with enough patience and gumption to play what may, in the end, be a fool’s game…

Oh, and we look in on the collapse of social media that we’ve been quietly awaiting since my book Broken Web came out in 2012.  Like CB radio, silly fads seem to have about 10-year runs.

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