Should You Build a Home Intelligence Platform?

img523With the government routinely building files on all of us – as part of Total Information Awareness – due in part to a need to prevent terrorism, but also spot people who may have holdings outside of “officially approved asset channels” that can be seized, we have to look at government surveillance and ask some simple things.

One interesting question would be how hard would it be to build an intelligence platform to help guide us in our various investment decisions? 

Another would be how to use global intelligence (and big data in particular) to feather our own nest both professionally and personally?

Seems a worthy goal for anyone venturing into the realm of Peoplenomics to look at what the government has developed and ascertain how much can be “borrowed” for our own purposes?

This morning we look at retasking some personal assets to help us stand up and co-own our own futures.  Are there some ideas from the Bumblehive folks we could perhaps borrow?  Nice to “Secure the Citizens” and all, but most of us just want to secure some more money…

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