Should Robots Pay Income Tax?

imageREMINDER:  Banks are closed today, markets are open.  Futures are near neutral and we expect a slow day.

This may sound like a trivial sort of thing to be talking about, but the problem is – trust me on this – far from trivial.

We all know robots are coming.  They will be here any minute to about 20-years from now for most everything humans do.  Already there are sex machines and sex robots so it stands to reason that most other human functions will be replaced, too.

That gets us to the idea of who should be paying income taxes.  And,. as I got more deeply into the research for this morning’s report, the more I found a decidedly anti-human aspect of the tax code.

So we’re on that that trail this morning…one my consigliore – an  accomplished tax lawyer himself – admits is “One of those inconvenient questions we haven’t thought much about in the profession…”

And that’s where we will begin our study.  After crumpets and headlines, of course.  Because while we’re on the heels of preparing for War with Robots, there may be something even more lethal to either them, or us humans.

Tax policy.

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