Should “Prepping” Become “War Planning?”

We’ve been writing about Prepping almost from the beginnings of the Internet. Now, things are changing.  Well in advance of the Y2K “non-event” we were prepping.  I’d even gone so far as to position our “escape pod sailboat” at a safe harbor outside of the Seattle metro area.  In the event something did go wrong, there’d be “no pretending and no do-overs.”

This week, we focus on how the general economics-driven version of “prepping” could evolve as America moves into a more risky period featuring the potential for Global War.  In short, Prepping becomes War Planning.

We have a fair bit of history for guidance, so the exercise is as much about fine-tuning, as anything else.  Still, important to change up as the times evolve.

Which we will get to shortly after a few headlines and a look at our ChartPack.

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